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Success Stories


” I am a board-certified dental specialist who has had occupational back pain and stiffness for over 15 years, with relatively frequent episodes of near-debilitating spams. I had been to multiple chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, and even physiatrists-all of whom were practicing with a reactive – not a proactive approach. On my first visit with Brett, his “functional assessment” was quite revealing, and he was able to pinpoint issues that others were unable – or – unwilling to consider. He is remarkably knowledgeable in anatomy and in an academic approach to rehabilitation and injury prevention. In short, Brett has shown me how to self-assess, stretch, strengthen, recognize and head-off pain before it emerges. In short, Brett has made me pain free! I am thrilled to be his client.” – Peter J. Babick, D.D.S, P.C. Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics

Peter Babick


“Thank you so much for getting me started and opening my eyes. Now I know what fitness truly means.”-Sonia B.

Sonia Boije copy

“Good morning Brett, I just wanted to touch base and let you know I successfully ‘escaped Alcatraz’ last weekend with very little discomfort. My recovery was amazing. I’m not officially taking a break from running completely and focusing on the strengthening and stabilization exercises you taught me.” To my success in the future.  Thanks for all your direction! Doug B. Doug Barker

“Today was the first day I put on a bathing suit this season. I’ve honestly never looked as toned and lean as I look right now. I’m so satisfied! I couldn’t have done it without you–I will forever be grateful.”-Dr. M. LaGratta 



“I was in need of a personal trainer who worked with injured clients. When Brett started training me 3 months ago I was in physical therapy for constant back pain. My back pain is gone and I’m able to run again. Brett is a trainer with so much knowledge and he keeps educating himself to be able to help his clients with their specific needs. My body has physically changed since Brett started training me. This is the type of trainer I have always wanted.”- A. Zipkin Alison Zipkin

“I love working with Brett! Within 2 sessions I saw a change in my posture. Brett puts a lot of emphasis proper form and progression. My workouts consist of flexibility, full body strengthening exercises as well as some interval training. I leave the workouts feeling light and energized. He makes it fun, keeps it interesting and cater to your specific wants and needs.”

-J. Feakins                                                               

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