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Success Stories


” I am a board-certified dental specialist who has had occupational back pain and stiffness for over 15 years, with relatively frequent episodes of near-debilitating spams. I had been to multiple chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, and even physiatrists -all of whom were practicing with a reactive – not a proactive approach. On my first visit with Brett, his “functional assessment” was quite revealing, and he was able to pinpoint issues that others were unable – or – unwilling to consider. He is remarkably knowledgeable in anatomy and in an academic approach to rehabilitation and injury prevention. In short, Brett has shown me how to self-assess, stretch, strengthen, recognize and head-off pain before it emerges. In short, Brett has made me pain free! I am thrilled to be his client.” - Peter J. Babick, D.D.S, P.C. Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics


“I have been a client of Brett Cohen’s since 2005. Since that time, I have lost 35 pounds and 4 dress sizes (and kept it off!). I feel more comfortable at the gym and have improved my tennis game dramatically. Brett has been an intrinsic part in my transformation and I am grateful to him. Since training with Brett I no longer experience sports related injuries like I had in the past. He is a hard working, knowledgeable, and motivating trainer. I highly recommend him.” -J. Adler, New York City

“Hi Brett, I meant to write yesterday but I was so busy at work I didn’t get to it. Just wanted to thank you again for the revised workout on Tuesday evening. I really felt better afterwards and yesterday I woke up feeling ‘DE-stressed’. Doing my best to hang onto that calmer feeling. I really appreciate your willingness and ability to change things up at the last minute. You are so good at what you do. “- Carol S.- New York City

“After suffering for several years with IT Band pain, I can now sleep, walk and sit pain free, thanks to Brett’s comprehensive program of stretching and exercise.”-L. Weitzman – New York City

“Brett’s knowledge of the body and how to improve myself is profound. Thank you!!” – Gary Miles, Brooklyn, NY

“I began training with Brett 7 years ago after completing physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff and arthritis of the knees. Under Brett’s care I have complete range of motion in my shoulder, and at the age of 72, I am in the best physical condition of my life. Brett is a very caring and professional trainer with great knowledge that he is constantly adding to.” - Diane Bishop-New York City

“Working with Brett  has been a wonderful experience.  Brett stepped in where others failed, thoughtfully working hard with me, relieving me of thoracic outlet syndrome, severe neck and back pain/fatigue, poor mobility and worsening posture. Brett has equipped me with the stretches, exercises and tools that I can use independently (and while traveling) to ward off the physical impact of stressful work, long periods of sitting, cross-country flights, NYC life.I came to Brett in agony, suffering from a variety of real pains and problems, mostly the outcome of sedentary years in a high-pressure job, frequent travel, regular carrying of bags and middle-age.  Despite prescribed physical therapy and regular exercise efforts on my own, I was not improving in any meaningful way. Thanks to Brett’s work with me, I now enjoy improved balance, strength and flexibility. Results in my daily life include: liberation from ankle and wrist problems, stamina to climb subway stairs and to carry and pick-up bags, etc., early-morning flexibility (to pick-up the early morning newspaper)!Brett is a trainer who is unusually dedicated and continues to invest in his own education. Based on my experience, you can look to him to design a truly custom program to address your specific goals and to take the initiative to identify creative adjustments to meet your changing needs. Today, I continue to work with Brett because I feel great, keep learning and become increasingly strong and active!” -M. Berger – New York City

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